Summer is finally in full swing so it’s only fitting that we discuss how to prepare for the numerous conditions that we face with our crazy…I mean, wonderful, Canadian weather.

A lot of our Butlers spend weekends in the summer working outdoor events like wedding and corporate barbeques, to larger ones like the Honda Indy and the Rogers Cup. Our Toronto summers can go from hot and humid to cold and rainy in one day so it’s so important to be prepared. It’s a great idea to keep a small bag in your purse or backpack with a few summer essentials. Here are our must-haves for surviving a long, summertime shift:

1)    A Travel-sized sunscreen – a minimum of SPF 30 is important and one free of mineral oil so your pores can breathe properly.

2)    A hat – The Bay has a great selection to help you stay shaded and looking cute.

3)    Healthy snacks – The sun and heat can often make us feel depleted, so it’s a good idea to have some things you can discreetly munch on. Smart options like apples will give you a natural sugar and caffeine-like boost to keep you alert and almonds are a natural appetite-suppressant so they will keep you from wanting to eat that entire tray of hors d’oeuvres you’re carrying.

4)    A refillable water bottle – clients will usually offer water but you can never be too careful and it’s important stay hydrated on long shifts.

5)    A lip balm with SPF 20-30. The skin on our lips is thin and sensitive and can burn easily if not protected.

6)    An unscented deodorant -most of our clients now have scent-free environments so we want to stay smelling fresh without being musky.

7)    A small towel – you don’t want to be dripping your sweat all over the crème brulee, right?

8)    A small rain poncho – sells disposable ponchos in many different colours for as little as $0.99 each.

9)    Ear plugs – sometimes we are required to work around loud music or in the case of the Honda Indy, that lovely zooming sound. Protect your eardrums.

10)An extra t-shirt or tank top – It’s a good thing to have a couple of shirts to alternate between if you’re in an environment that can be hot and sweaty. You can save yourself bringing an extra dress shirt if you have an undershirt you can change into later on in the day or night.

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